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Dramione AU:

In which the unlikely friendship between a Gryffindor girl and a Slytherin boy blossoms between two first years. The  relationship runs splendidly during their first three years at Hogwarts, until fourth year arrives and Hermione’s worry for her friend Harry begins to interfere. Soon enough, Draco’s company is entirely replaced by that of her fellow Gryffindors. Years later, Hermione leaves school and goes into hiding in order to protect herself and to retrieve information on Voldemort’s weaknesses. However, after a few months, she is captured and taking to Malfoy Manor. When her identity is discovered, she is used as a weapon against Draco.

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Harvestmoon AU - Jelsa

Jackson Overland came to Burgess to inherit his grandfather’s farm after his died. Only if he can prove to the Mayor and residents of Burgess that he can restore it to its former glory and fit in with the townsfolk within 3 years. 

Jack actually used to spend summer there when he was kid, where he met a little girl at his age. And before he went back home, he promised her that he would return and there he is. But who was that little girl now that they both have grown up?

Your favorite OTP now in your all time favorite game ever! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ Actually this is how I imagine Jack… being a single bachelor who get paired with every possible bachelorettes hahaha~ Anyway, I made Elsa as Elli because they share more similarities *u* and because Elli is my favorite bachelorettes, then second is Karen.

Another casts:
Rapunzel and Flynn = Popuri and Kai
Astrid and Hiccup = Karen and Rick
Mary and Gray = Toothiana and Bunnymund
Merida = Ann (I have no idea for Cliff, anyone?)
Hans = Doctor (hehe)
Kristoff and Anna = Stu and May

Well fellow shippers, go play Harvest Moon again with your OTP on your mind now hehe ( * v * ) anyway thanks to mastermind xionxiu who first suggested this idea and making me hyped up with your plan! And snowshoe-rabbit who made me really excited with this AU until finally this piece finished. Enjoy, girls!

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Jelsa (x)

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Nothing’s right if you ain’t near, I give all that I have just to keep you near | Massive Attack - Live With Me
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Jack x Elsa by vaxzone

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I’d rather die than live without you.

Somebody please tell me to stop making them…

I don’t know what I was doing, I guess it’s some kind of vampires au where young human, Jackson Overland, beg his immortal lover to turn him into a vampire like her, but Elsa didn’t want to bring him to her cold,isolated cruel world. His smile is her sunshine which she’s never faced. His warm blood in veins is the only thing that can thaw her frozen heart. His heartbeat keeps her feel alive. But when he was about to leave her forever caused by the accident in the frozen lake, she realized that there’s no anyone on the moon or sun that can saved him. So yeah, she turn him into “Jack Frost”.

this is what I… guess.

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harry potter + hogwarts subjects

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It’s not nice when someone hunts you down, isn’t it?