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"Another cool thing about Ravenclaw is that our people are the most individual – some might even call them eccentrics. But geniuses are often out of step with ordinary folk, and unlike some other houses we could mention, we think you’ve got the right to wear what you like, believe what you want, and say what you feel. We aren’t put off by people who march to a different tune; on the contrary, we value them!”

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Popular shops in Hogsmeade


Draco Malfoy Alphabet

She settled back down in the toasty sheets and admired his relaxed features; so beautiful when he was lost to the dreams and oblivious to reality. It might have been selfish and a bit irrational, but she almost allowed the darkness of the War to slip to the back of her mind as she cherished this surreal moment.

He shifted, gripping her hip a little tighter, and Hermione tried to steady her breathing. She didn’t want him to wake up; not just yet. Merlin knew if he would ever treat her to his presence in the morning again, and she wanted to remember how it felt to feel like this…

like they were real…

And content…


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Maybe I’m a fool but I’m still falling/Asking heaven above me/for an angel to love me

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“Meg, I saw the most magnificent honey bee and I - oh, you changed your hair.” 

“Who the Hell are you? You’re not - you are. You’re a - “

“Oh. You changed your vessel as well. … What time is this?” I must have miscalculated. 

“Look, I’m sure you have more important matters to attend to than little old me so - “

“You’re not little, you’re marvelous. You should know that.”

“What are you on about? You the Clarence to my George or…?”

“I’m your Clarence, yes.”

AU MEME » Castiel accidentally finds himself in the presence of a younger version of his beloved caretaker - who is more than skeptical towards the angel. 

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What a waste of space.

did you just

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reign episodes
snakes in the garden

Horimiya Ch 34-37 (x)