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CELTIC JELSA AU UPDATE! Elsa and Jack’s reference sheets are UP~!

It’s been such a long while since the last update, and now I’m so proud to unveil Jack’s appearance as I’ve finally understood how to illustrate the male anatomy somewhat. Hurray~!!! Here are the reference sheets and design notes that come with them!

As a Fox Fae, Elsa is blessed with incredible speed and agility, requiring equipment that does not hinder her movement in any way, so her dress is cut short up front so her legs can move freely. Her long train is meant to cover her behind from view, although her tail already seems to do just that. The fabric rarely snags as it easily flows with her every move.

Celtic footwear back in the day was merely leather laced around the foot to keep it in place, but it would surely come apart if the owner would be running at high speeds, so for Elsa’s shoes, I added leather to wrap around and be tied at her ankles to keep them from falling off. Other accessories include her arm wrappings/guards, which she adapted from her mentor, Bunnymund; her choker, which has her father’s snowflake charm; and her dagger, which is strapped to her thigh. All the straps are done with Celtic knotting which you can see if you zoom up close. She also has a snowflake tattoo, the mark of a Harbinger of Winter.


Jack was found in the surrounding Forest on the first day of Spring as a baby, with nothing but blue linen swathed around his small body and an oddly shaped shepherd’s crook resting beside him. He was found by a group of travellers passing through, only to be alerted by the wailing of a baby. Baby Jack eventually found his way to North after the travellers discovered his unusual nature—he had snow white hair, and he was cold to the touch, almost freezing even, with frost decorating the ends of the cloth around him. However, he was completely unfazed by it, leading them to believe he wasn’t entirely human or human at all.  

Jack’s attire mostly consists of a simple white tunic, brown pants strapped down at the hems, and a long cloak made of the cloth he was found in as a baby. The cloth is a distinct shade of blue and does not seem to soil, wear or tear in the slightest, and remains unfrazzled despite the frost decorating its hems and hood. It is fastened closed by a snowflake-shaped clasp with a snowflake-shaped charm. I want people to know that Jack’s hood plays an important role in hiding his hair, which is considered odd and unnatural to the people of his time.





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The Guardians invading Elsa’s ice palace II   | Part I |

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Jelsa Request

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"Well, yes… And apparently, now I have powers. Care to explain?"

The Guardians invading Elsa’s ice palace   | Part II |

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hunger games au: last year was child’s play

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