Very detailed Noragami (ノラガミ) animation character design materials by Toshihiro Kawamoto (川元利浩) in Animestyle Magazine (05/2014). There is actually guidance on how not to draw Yato’s scarf and Hiyori’s skirt and hair.

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 I wish I could introduce myself, but I don’t remember my name anymore.

 I mean, think it started with an "J" but that’s all I have left.


Jelsa - Warm Bodies Trailer (Cold bodies): @YouTube

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"May I have this dance, my queen?"

Have I mentioned how much I love seeing Jack in prince suit? Plus, I also love it when he looks at her so lovingly. No, scratch that. I love it so much when they both look at each other sooo lovingly.

Jack’s suit is based on this amazing cosplay

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My new FanFiction! Reincarnation: a love story

Elsa meets Jack at his new school, she becomes friends with him and slowly awakening a spark inside that will make both realize that they are reincarnations of two young lovers separated by war unleashed by their love and now will have to face any obstacle to that history does not happen again.

My nuevo FanFiction Reencarnacion: Una Historia de Amor

Elsa conoce a Jack en su nueva escuela, ella se hace amigo de el y poco a poco va despertando una chispa en su interior que hara que ambos se den cuenta que ellos, son reencarnaciones de dos jóvenes amantes separados por una guerra desatada por su amor y ahora tendran que enfrentar cualquier obstaculo para que la historia no se vuelva a repetir

STORY WRITTEN IN SPANISH (Historia escrita en espanol) Who can read in Spanish then they will love this story :)

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'Cause I give you all of me (Insp: x by me and originally from x by kngmaker)

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dramione appreciation week | day three: a scene

Day: 981; Hour: 4 
"I think just about everything in life seems like a great thing in the beginning. Like kids leaving in a car for a fun night out, but who never think of the car crash that ends up happening. Like every beginning of war, because people think there’s freedom and power waiting for them at the end, instead of thinking about the middle. Or even Midas. Midas with his golden touch, and who must have thought the world was in his hands before he completely ruined his life."  
"There are things that begin bad but end up finishing much differently as well."  
"But why was it bad? It must have been something good in the beginning, or a person wouldn’t find themselves in that situation at all."  
"Well maybe they just thought it would be good, even if it wasn’t.” Hermione wonders if this is a piece of his boulder, because at times he thinks he’s covering the parallel, but Hermione finds a lot of references to his life no matter what he says.  
"But it’s the same thing. It starts great — because it is, or you thought it would be, or because someone told you it is. But then…then bam. People walk around every day of their lives, and never expect the car crash."  
"Maybe there isn’t one."  
"Maybe there is."  
He turns from the stove, cocking his head at her. “And you’re going to spend every day of your life thinking about it?”  
"I think anyway." She shrugs. "I like to be prepared."  
"I don’t think that’s a life at all." 
"What about you then? You don’t wait for the fallout?" 

He snorts, collecting the sugar bowl from the top of the fridge where he likes to hide it. “We’re in the bloody fallout, Granger.”  
"So you’re waiting for the buildup?"  
"I’m waiting to wake up after the crash. I don’t want to inflate my head too much with things that don’t matter yet. I’ve heard it causes brain damage." He looks at her meaningfully, and she scowls at him in turn.  

The Fallout by everythursday